About LIFE

Love LIFE, Give LIFE, Enjoy LIFE

What is LIFE?

LIFE is digital cash, like the cash in your online bank account. It functions as a reward system for large businesses, charities, communities and innovation projects. It can be bought, sold and traded like shares or can be used to purchase items from a growing number of retailers.


Reason for LIFE

The meaning of LIFE is 42. One of the main reasons for LIFE is to support humanitarian charities, global communities and exciting innovation projects. It is also for large businesses to reward employees and customers, providing sustainable growth over a long period of time.

Why is LIFE different?

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, charitable causes and long-term sustainability are the primary focus of LIFE. Our plans for increasing levels of investment and development will result in further growth opportunities that are allowing you to be part of the digital revolution.

Why is LIFE different to other coins?

Whilst LIFE is a Cryptocurrency, which is not a new concept, the ethos behind it is new.  Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, sustainability is the key purpose of LIFE.

Pre-launch adoption of LIFE as a reward based system for tenants, employees and customers by a national UK landlord and other household names, will support long-term sustainability of the coin.

One of these companies is planning to use LIFE as a reward system for the next 50 years, which is unique in the market.

Who is behind it?

LIFE was set up by a group of digitally savvy business leaders who saw a way to bring Cryptocurrency and all its benefits to the general population, both directly and via large organisations who will use the coin as a rewards program.